Fencing / Brickwork

Traditional Driveways are more than happy to help you in installing perimeter walls, fencing or any type of brickwork.We are able to install all styles of brickwork including masonry walls. A wall or decorative fencing can really be used to high effect when it comes to establishing boundary lines.

A masonry wall looks exceedingly well on the front boundary of your property. A brick wall can be used in the same method and maybe capping it off with a lovely brick edge or coping would really bring it life. It brings privacy to your house while also adding the aesthetic of it. If you have any ideas feel free to call us, we would be more than happy to come visit and work on them ideas together.


  • Panel Fences
  • Traditional timber fencing
  • Security Fencing
  • Picket Fencing
  • Close Board Fencing
  • Wire mesh fencing
  • Palisade fencing
  • Iron railings and gates
  • Post and rail fencing


  • Retaining Walls
  • Flower Beds
  • Dividing Walls
  • Raised Platforms
  • Re-pointing
  • Remedial Work
  • Extending Existing Brickwork
  • Masonry Walls
  • Wall Rendering